Benefits of a “My Trimble Protected” Plan vs. a Normal Warranty

Benefits of a “My Trimble Protected” Plan vs. a Normal Warranty

Trimble products all come with a standard warranty to help reduce the cost and downtime that come with repairs. But what if you could reduce those variables even further?

“My Trimble Protected” protection plans can help ensure less costly, faster repairs when you need them. When you purchase one of these plans, you receive benefits like:

  • Increased efficiency: Adding a protection plan helps you minimize downtime, increasing your efficiency.
  • Budgeted savings: An annual protection plan typically costs less than an average repair. Additionally, since a single payment ensures your coverage for the year, you’ll know how much you’re spending upfront. A fixed cost covering equipment repair and maintenance helps you maintain a steady budget.
  • Free repairs: Your protection plan will ensure you pay nothing for parts and labor when your equipment needs repairs.
  • Faster repairs: Since the cost of repairs is completely covered, your distributor won’t need to send you an estimate for approval. Work can start immediately, helping your unit get back to you faster.
  • Freedom and flexibility: A “My Trimble Protected” plan is linked to the product’s serial number rather than the person who purchased it. If you decide to sell your equipment, you can transfer the protection plan to the new owner.

What Does Your “My Trimble Protected” Plan Cover?

A “My Trimble Protected” plan offers extra coverage for your hardware, software or firmware

With the coverage a standard Trimble warranty offers, you may be wondering if it’s worth the extra cost of adding another protection plan. The answer is yes, as adding coverage for your equipment will help you save money down the road.

While a Trimble protection plan covers everything the factory warranty does, it doesn’t stop there. A “My Trimble Protected” plan offers extra coverage for your hardware, software or firmware:

  • Hardware Protection Plan: Trimble’s Hardware Protection Plan lets you extend your original warranty period by up to five years. You can purchase this coverage a year at a time or opt for multiple years at once. Like the standard warranty, this plan covers all repair costs on defective equipment. It also gives you software upgrades and firmware updates and covers damage from power surges, environmental damage and wear and tear.
  • Software Protection Plan: This annual Trimble protection plan lets you stay up-to-date with ongoing software updates and releases during your coverage period. You’ll receive updates for office software and field applications on control and handheld units. A Software Maintenance Agreement also gives you access to phone and email tech support for specific programs.
  • Firmware Protection Plan: A Firmware Protection Plan ensures you’ll have the most current firmware releases for all of your equipment. It includes upgrades for applications on GPS/GNSS receivers and operating systems, bug fixes and other enhancements and updates. Since Trimble’s standard factory warranty covers all of these updates, Firmware Protection Plan coverage begins after standard warranty coverage has ended.

Does a Trimble Protection Plan Offer Any Extra Benefits?

Every “My Trimble Protected” protection plan comes with benefits and enhancements that increase the plan’s value. The features you receive will depend on which plan you choose.

Trimble Protected Plus Value Add Features

Trimble Protected Plus plans are available for building construction hardware and software and civil construction hardware, data collectors and more. Protected Plus value add features include:

  • Surge protection: If a surge occurs while you’re using Trimble power supplies, your Protected Plus plan covers any damage the surge causes to your equipment.
  • Wear and tear coverage: Regular use of your equipment can cause wear and tear over time. If your unit has stopped performing due to wear and tear from regular use, your protection plan will cover its repair or replacement.
  • Environmental damage coverage: Construction sites can expose equipment to damaging conditions. Your protection plan will cover damage from environmental conditions like heat, humidity, dust and salt if you’ve used your equipment according to its specifications.
  • Preventive maintenance: While only some plans cover preventive maintenance, those that do will cover the cost of one annual adjustment and calibration service for every year your plan covers.

Trimble Protected Premium Value Add Features

Protected Premium is Trimble’s most comprehensive protection plan. Along with all the features of a Protected Plus plan, Protected Premium offers:

  • Five years of protection: The Protected Premium plan starts on your date of purchase and covers your equipment for five years.
  • Accidental damage coverage: Along with manufacturing defects, wear and tear and environmental and power surge damage, this plan also covers damage from accidents. Whether it’s a broken screen after a fall, liquid damage, a broken cable or a smashed receiver, you’ll be able to get your equipment repaired or replaced quickly.
  • Software included: When you purchase a Trimble Protected Premium protection plan for a controller or receiver, it also comes with Trimble Siteworks software.

Contact SITECH West to Learn More About My Trimble Protected Plan

Contact SITECH West to Learn More About My Trimble Protected Plan

SITECH West is Sacramento’s authorized, independent Trimble dealer. As a certified Level 3 authorized Trimble Service Center, we offer complete repair and calibration services for your Trimble equipment. We can also help with version updates and software upgrades, and we provide hands-on training and consulting services to help you find the equipment you need and use it to its fullest potential.

At SITECH West, we do everything we can to help safeguard your equipment, like registering purchased products with My Trimble Protected to prevent the resale of stolen units. If you’re looking for more information about how a Trimble protection plan can keep your business running smoothly, our knowledgeable staff is here to help. Call us at 916-921-0550 or contact us online today to learn more!

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