Intelligent Compaction & Paving Control

Intelligent Compaction & Paving Control in CA

Are you looking to improve the quality and economy of your compaction and paving jobs? Then there’s simply no substitute for Trimble paving control systems and Trimble compaction control systems. With all the expertise and support you’d expect from an industry leader like SITECH West, our lineup of smart paving control and compaction control equipment helps you save significantly on materials and labor while at the same time increasing the safety and quality of each job you complete.

Whether your construction applications require the operation of asphalt, slipform pavers or milling machines, Trimble offers an advanced paving control solution that is tailored for your needs. Trimble compaction and paving control solutions allow you to significantly reduce paving time while improving performance and results during every phase of your projects.

As an authorized Trimble dealer, SITECH West offers a large assortment of intelligent compaction and paving control equipment and software to contractors and construction professionals throughout California’s Northern Central Valley.

A highlight of our lineup is the Trimble SPS Universal Total Station Series. Trimble SPS equipment features innovative Multitrack technology that increases grading speed and efficiency. You get high-precision machine control and guidance that will enhance productivity and minimize costly project delays.

Intelligent Compaction Control for Asphalt Compactors

With Trimble compaction control systems, you can roll more efficiently, save on fuel and produce more uniform surfaces. With a color display for clear viewing of your progress, Trimble compaction control optimizes your workflow.

Paving Control

Paving Control for Asphalt Pavers

Trimble paving control helps reduce your material costs while simultaneously enabling you to speed up operations and lay smoother surfaces. Plus, with the option to choose either 2D or 3D design models, you can pave to tighter tolerances than ever before — within 0.01 feet.

Paving Control for Slipform Pavers

Have fewer stops and watch your efficiency increase with the Trimble paving control system for slipform pavers. With Trimble on board, your paver stays perfectly aligned while producing a more uniform concrete surface.

Paving Control for Milling Machines

With the Trimble paving control for milling machines installed in your equipment, you have greater control over your cutting depths. Prevent overcutting and reduce the costs associated with having to add excess materials during repaving.

SPS730 and SPS930 Universal

Trimble universal total stations lead the industry in obtaining accurate data relating to site scans, grading and paving measurements. Avoid costly rework and associated delays. Meet all your deadlines with Trimble equipment.

Check out our entire inventory of Trimble survey equipment for compaction and paving control applications. Feel free to contact us for additional information and a no-obligation quote.



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