Connected Office

Connected Office

While you can’t be in two places at once, when you use Connected Office, it may seem like you can. While in the office you can monitor everything going on at the job site, from managing your fleet to getting real-time information on materials used and where they are going. You can even see compaction data as it happens, when you connect the office to the job site.

Connected Office ensures that you can make changes quickly and seamlessly. No more hopping into the truck and wasting hours getting to the site. Connected Office connects you wirelessly with your people and machines via the internet.

Connected Office even allows you to prepare 3D construction models and send them instantly. You’ll be saving time and money while eliminating mistakes and costly rework.

With Connected Office, you’re in control because you’re connected. The following Trimble® Products can help make it possible:

Components of Trimble® Business Center — HCE

With the Trimble® Business Center — HCE, your team gains access to powerful tools that let you tackle the following tasks with ease:

  • Generate and publish reports and plots
  • Create, modify and draft information in the appropriate format
  • Prepare project proposals with accuracy and in-depth detail
  • Convert cross-sections from Computer Aided Design (CAD) files
  • Extract cross-section information from vector files in Adobe PDF format

By integrating this helpful tool into your company, you can boost your profits and win more bids, as well as reduce your rework and travel times.

Features of Trimble® Connected Community

With the Trimble® Connected Community, your team accomplishes the following:

  • Optimize real-time data management and sharing 
  • Limit travel to work sites and on-site, in-person management
  • Provide quick access to files from Trimble® Business Center — HCE
  • Reduce turnaround times for decisions, without jeopardizing quality

Troubleshooting and training tools are included with this software to ensure your team takes full advantage of its features.

Tools of Cat® VisionLink

With Cat VisionLink, your team expedites the following processes:

  • Monitoring equipment use, fuel consumption and idling times
  • Arranging the reporting for quality assurance data
  • Delivering accurate billing, inspection and project progress information
  • Reviewing real-time surface models via equipment activity

Through this tool, your company can improve productivity as well as reduce the costs of managing and maintaining your fleet.

Benefits of Connected Office

With the complete features of Connected Office, your company can do more in less time — consider these benefits of it and other Trimble® Products:

  • Reduced transportation costs
  • Decreased equipment requirements
  • Increased real-time sharing of information
  • Expedited decision-making
  • Improved data management and access

By providing you and your team the opportunity to do more, Connected Office lets you focus on delivering a high-quality product that exceeds your client’s expectations.

To discover more of what Connected Office and its additional tools, such as VisionLink from Caterpillar®, can bring to your company and its bottom line, contact us today.


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