SPS620 & SPS720 Robotic

SPS620 & SPS720 Robotic

The SPS620 and SPS720 Robotic Total Stations keep it simple while keeping you accurate for construction site positioning, stakeout and measurement. Perfect for one-person operations on smaller sites and on work structures such as bridges or culverts, these robotic total stations use MultiTrack™ technology to prevent costly delays and subsequent rework, increasing your productivity.

A Trimble robotic total station uses advanced optics to measure the target’s position and report position information by radio link to a controller unit. The controller’s specially-designed software possesses the capability to compare design information with the current position and provide essential fill/cut and stakeout information and progress volumes.

The Trimble robotic station’s automated operation requires only one individual to perform the measurements, which saves time and labor costs.

Trimble Robotic Total Stations Feature Advanced Technology

Trimble robotic total stations are equipped with cutting-edge tracking technology. With MultiTrackTM technology, these robotic total stations can lock on and track passive prisms for control measurements. They can also lock on to active prism targets for dynamic measurements required for grade control applications.

MultiTrackTM technology enables the simultaneous operation of up to eight targets on one jobsite, with no risk of incorrect target tracking. This ensures maximum accuracy and eliminates the loss of time and productivity resulting from locking on to false targets.

MagDrive™ technology offers you fast pointing, aiming and tracking. Slow motion controls allow for manual aiming, as well.

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Trimble Robotic Total Stations Are Suitable for Construction Sites of All Sizes

The SPS620 and 720 Total Stations are well-suited for smaller construction sites. They can also be combined with GNSS for larger site use. Accurate to within five millimeters, these total stations can be used to measure in dangerous and inaccessible locations. A method for checking and warning about movement of ground or buildings that could be affected by construction is provided by automated target measurement.

For single-shot measurements, the SPS620 and 720 use the Trimble® DR Standard short-range reflectorless EDM technology and operate with TSC3 controllers or Trimble Tablets loaded with Site Controller Software. The SPS620 provides 5 arc second accuracy for the vertical and horizontal angle measurements, while the SPS720 provides 3 arc second accuracy in the horizontal angle and 2 arc second accuracy in the vertical. The SPS720 is ideal for more accurate site positioning work.

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