LOADRITE Communication Interface (LCI)

LOADRITE Communication Interface (LCI)

Control functionality for your LOADRITE™ conveyor belt weighing systems with the LOADRITE Communication Interface (LCI) monitoring application. The LCI acts as a collection point for weighing data for multiple conveyor belt scales throughout your plant. It displays weighing and operation data, including flow rate, total weight and conveyor belt running status.

With LCI you can view current production or review production from the last 24 hours and LCI allows you to remotely clear and zero all connected LOADRITE belt scales remotely, and include downtime reasons.  LCI can be used one any device or web browser so you are not limited to hardware specified by LOADRITE.

LCI works seamlessly with LOADRITE INSIGHT reporting software to provide you with a tailor-made solution.


  • Monitor live production, remotely on one display and be able to react faster to changes in the production process
  • Monitor live inefficiencies (i.e. downtime and black belt time) and machine utilization
  • Code downtime reasons to identify causes for inefficient plant performance
  • Zero and Clear all scales remotely and from the one location
  • Utilize modern communication devices/ infrastructure to optimize plant and staff performance

Display Options

  • One display can monitor up to 16 conveyor belt scales  
  • Graphical weight display of loaded and empty run time for up to 24 hours
  • Numerical display of weighing data – rate in tph, total, conveyor utilization in % of maximum, belt run time, belt loaded time, belt stop time, black belt (unloaded) time
  • Customizable belt and product names are user defined options to assigned suitable conveyor or product names

Data Communication Options

  • In-built communications controller is optimized to send weighing data to LOADRITE™ INSIGHT
  • Weighing data can be sent to INSIGHT either with a cellular router or an Internet connection
  • Radio Modems – Weighing data can be sent from C1850 to the C3860 by using radio modems
  • Ethernet and Wi-Fi – Weighing data can be sent from C1850 to the C3860 by using wired and wireless Ethernet

Coding Of Downtime Reason & Causes Reporting

  • Recording of downtime events – Belt stop time, black belt time or belt loading below user defined limits
  • Recording of downtime duration – The downtime duration is automatically recorded
  • Recording of downtime causes – User defined causes like i.e. electrical fault, haul truck capacity or chocked crusher
  • Recording of equipment failure – User defined causes like i.e. primary crusher, haul truck or mobile equipment
  • Recording of comments – Free data entry of additional comments
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