2D Grade Control for Dozers

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2D Grade Control for Dozers

Streamline your leveling tasks with 2D grade control for dozers from Trimble. This innovative, easy-to-use, cost-effective machine control system makes grading tasks efficient and accurate. 

Trimble’s 2D grade control system for dozers is a next-generation machine control solution that uses lasers and receivers to collect and display information to guide your project. When dozers have a single laser receiver, they can monitor the lift of a blade. A second laser allows you to measure the blade’s slope. 

The elevation and slope information makes your grading tasks easier and faster. You can even upgrade the 2D system to a 3D solution to improve your work. Besides providing accurate data, the 2D grade control solution offers easy-to-use software to aid learning. 

2D Grade Control Components

The 2D grade control system has several pieces that work together to precisely move your machinery. Here are a few parts included in your 2D grade control system:

  • Laser receiver: The LR410 attaches to an electric mast and connects to hydraulics to control the lift. 
  • Control box: You have two options to choose from for your display — the CB450 or the premium CB460 grade control box. 
  • Power module: This rugged power system runs your 2D grade control and withstands vibration, shock and temperature extremes.
  • Slope sensor: This device provides highly accurate gravity references to determine slopes up to 100%.
  • Valve module: The technology controls your dozer hydraulics to move the machinery electronically.

Applications for 2D Grade Control for Dozers

This grade control solution works for most large dozer grade control applications, including bulk earthwork, grading and finished grading. You might use it to complete basic house pads, road construction or infrastructure projects. The software also works for dams, reservoirs and land reclamation. 

2D Grade Control Configurations

Depending on the level of control you need, choose from various configurations, including:

  • Cross-slope only: This option works well for fine grading tasks, including road and ditch maintenance. 
  • Single elevation: This configuration uses a laser and receiver to control the lift, adding flat and slope work capabilities. 
  • Dual elevation: This setting provides higher accuracy control, and you can control the blade independently or link it.

These configurations let you adapt your machinery based on the type of work and level of accuracy needed. You can advance your machinery’s capabilities by adding components. 

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