The LOADRITE™ X2650 excavator scale can help you improve the productivity of your largest excavators. The X2650 onboard weighing system extends the range of the LOADRITE systems by including excavators up to 800 tonnes. The X2650 improves face and pit productivity and is the most effective tool for large hydraulic excavators. Providing bucket-by-bucket payload information, the X2650 will help optimize the load-out of haul trucks.

The X2650 provides accurate weighing to within +/- 3 percent accuracy and is more accurate and timely than truck scales. You can eliminate under or overloading and haul truck turnaround by using the X2650 to ensure payloads are on target and production levels are sufficient to maintain the life of mine estimates.

The X2650’s Multi-Directional Compensation weight technology includes proprietary algorithms to give you the power to weigh your excavator without any restrictions. Adjustable Weighing Zone technology provides you with built-in flexibility to configure your excavators accurately weigh when you are loading from different levels while Ground Slope Compensation technology ensures uneven ground is not a barrier to accurate weighing through the use of multiple angle sensors.

Easily monitor your progress against project targets with powerful KPI reporting provided by the X2650 with the simple touch of a button. Scrolling keys on the X2650 makes the selection of pre-configured load information quick and easy. The X2650 also allows you to track each load by customer, truck number or job ID. This is easily setup and be configured for any type of operation. Daily totals of multiple types of material can also be monitored and operational reports can generated from the cab by using the X2650 with a LOADRITE printer or LOADRITE MMS software.

Several operating modes ensure the X2650 will get the job done right the first time. Target loading mode eliminates mental arithmetic by counting down from the specified maximum load while Split Loading mode allows you to load truck and trailer combinations to their maximum capacity. Overload alarms alert your operator if the bucket load will exceed the truck’s target weight or if the lifted weight is more than the maximum amount the machine is capable of handling. The programmable output more uses sensor readings and calculations to let you know when specific events occur, such as overloading.

The X2650 is built tough and has been subjected to a rigorous testing program that includes temperature extremes (-130°F to 248°F) and all-axis random vibration over 40G. Operator training is included at the time of installation to ensure you get the maximum benefit of the X2650 from the beginning.


  • Improved Profits
  • Maximize tons per hour
  • Minimize fuel costs
  • Reduce machine down-time by optimizing load quotas
  • Extend tire life
  • Prevent haul road damage
  • Reduce haul truck maintenance costs from overloading
  • Increase Productivity
  • Streamline workflow
  • Prevent truck under-loading
  • Load to target payload consistently to increase tons/day
  • Reduce cycle times
  • Prevent truck turn-around or tip-off
  • Improve overall equipment effectiveness
  • Process improvement
  • Track trucks loading
  • Monitor tons moved
  • Track and benchmark excavator and operator efficiency
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