3D Grade Control for Dozers

3D Grade Control for Dozers

Use the Trimble® GCS900 grade control system with GradeMax™ Plus technology for smarter, faster and more accurate grading with your dozer. With standard Connected Machine functionality you can increase efficiency by bringing the office and the dozer together.

Features & Benefits

For bulk earthworks applications you can display design information and live cut/fill indication in the cab. Real-time information allows you to monitor avoidance zones. GCS900 3D grade control can also provide you with as-built data as the dozer cuts to grade. Overall, you can keep tighter control over safety issues and see exactly where dirt is being moved on the job site.

For grading jobs, with GCS900 3D grade control you can determine the position of each tip of the blade, then compare it to the design elevation to compute cut or fill to grade. Cut or fill data will also aide in driving the values for automatic blade control or to view in-cab lightbars. GCS900 3D grade control also allows you to control the dozer’s automatic blade control settings in real-time and you can adjust the machine’s response to differing material conditions. GCS900 3D grade control can optimize your dozer’s performance for a particular grading task.

With GCS900 3D grade control you can achieve a finished grade within millimeter accuracy all with fewer passes. The finished grade materials will also be places more accurately and in a shorter amount of time, allowing you to keep material costs to a minimum and help you realize better profits.

3D Grade Control Applications

When used with a total station, single or dual GNSS receivers, the 3D GCS900 grade control system is ideal for such applications as material spreading, highway and railway construction, airport construction, concrete pours and slab placement, and residential and commercial site construction.

3D Grade Control Configurations

Single GNSS allows you to measure the position and slope of the blade and compares the position to the design data for rough grading and mass excavation on complex design surfaces.

Dual GNNS allows you to measure the exact position, cross slope and heading of the blade for rough grading and mass excavation when you’re working on steep slopes as well as complex design surfaces.

You can also enhance both single and dual GNSS systems with laser augmentation. This helps to improve accuracy when working on complex design surfaces needing high accuracy guidance, such as super-elevation grading from rough through finished grade work.

A 3D grade control system with a total station is idea for when extreme accuracy for lift and layer control is needed. This total station based system, is also good pre-material monitoring or where GNSS is not an ideal solution due to overhead obstructions.

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