Trimble Earthworks Go!

Trimble Earthworks Go!

If you need a convenient, portable solution to control your compact machine grading attachments more efficiently, choose Trimble Earthworks GO! This solution is an innovative platform that allows you to seamlessly manage grading attachment applications for any job. 

You can install this system yourself, moving it to different equipment as the job requires. Its compatibility with various machines makes Trimble Earthworks GO! a cost-effective solution for your business operations. 

With the right solution from leading manufacturer Trimble, you can tackle your next project confidently and accomplish more. Whatever your requirements, let SITECH West equip you for the job with our extensive inventory of Trimble supplies and equipment.

We Have Trimble Earthworks GO! for Sale

Working in demanding environments requires the right tools. Trimble systems can maximize your productivity and accuracy. The Earthworks GO! solution offers several key components to enhance your work processes:

  • GO! Box: This portable box mounts to your compact machinery using magnetic components. Its rugged case contains a computer and sensors to collect information about your surroundings to guide your work.
  • Trimble LR410 Laser Receivers: These devices mount to Trimble manual masts or existing masts on your equipment. Once attached, they provide high-precision information to guide your grading jobs. 
  • Smart Device Display: Use any smart device to run the software that guides your machinery. The program provides high visibility in bright outdoor workspaces. You can also use integrated tutorials to ease setup.

Advantages of Earthworks GO! From Trimble

With intuitive features and innovative capabilities, Earthworks GO! can make operations easier for you in many work environments. Its iOS and Android compatibility allows it to communicate with your preferred smart device for ultimate convenience. Discover how this system can help you get the results you need with wide-ranging benefits for your operations:

  • Convenience: Portable and easy to use, the Earthworks GO! solution can go wherever you do, lets you easily switch between attachments and saves machine profiles so you can keep working with minimal setup.
  • Efficiency: This system can deliver an average productivity increase of 20% by improving control and reducing rework time. You’ll get the results you need the first time. 
  • User-friendliness: With integrated installation and calibration tutorials, simple harnessing solutions and no mounting required, using this technology is straightforward and saves you time and energy.
  • Accuracy: The Earthworks GO! system includes 2D automatic read capabilities and allows for highly precise grading with laser-guided technology.
  • Adaptability: The system has multiple configurations for fine or finished grading. You can use a single or dual laser and slope or use slope only, depending on the task.

Applications of Earthworks GO! Solutions

Contractors and machine operators across various industries and applications use Earthworks GO! to improve their work processes. The system works for a wide range of earthworks tasks, including:

  • Pads and foundations
  • Landscaping
  • Sports fields
  • Footpaths and walkways
  • Parking lots
  • Agricultural water management

The solution works with all grading attachments on compact track and skid steer loaders. This flexibility means you can use Earthworks GO! for various tasks without purchasing separate solutions. Small contractors and owner-operators often invest in Earthworks GO! as their first machine control solution due to its adaptability and ease of use across various applications and machine types. 

How to Use Earthworks GO! on Your Job Site

Earthworks GO! is a user-friendly solution intended for easy use on the job site. You can set it up on any compact machine with only a few steps:

  1. Mount GO! Box: Use the magnets on the bottom of the GO! Box to attach it to the front of your grading attachment. 
  2. Mount junction box: Add the junction box to the grading tool. 
  3. Attach laser receivers: Clip one or both laser receivers to your equipment masts. 
  4. Plug in components: Plug the GO! Box into the laser receivers, securing the cord to the attachment with magnets. 
  5. Set up display: Download the Trimble Earthworks GO! app on your mobile device and enter equipment details. 

Once you complete these steps, you can use the solution to guide your leveling projects. The display on your smartphone will provide the information you need to accomplish a range of leveling jobs. 

Maximize Productivity With Earthworks GO! Solutions

At SITECH West, we’re committed to providing innovative technological solutions and trusted customer service for each client. As an independent Trimble dealer, we’re your one-stop shop for essential construction equipment and resources. Trust us to deliver the solutions you need to manage your industry’s demands and ensure quality results for every project. We’ll find a tailored solution that gives your business the best return on investment.

Want to learn more about how our products can meet your requirements? Reach out to our team to inquire about Trimble Earthworks GO!   


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