Trimble GCS900 for Milling Machines

Trimble GCS900 for Milling Machines

Trimble GCS900 on a Milling Machine with UTS Total Station

Use the Trimble GCS900 Grade Control System with a Trimble SPS930 or SPS730 Universal Total Station on your milling machine (cold planer) for highly accurate milling at variable depth and slope without stringlines. By milling the subsurface accurately to a design, you will save asphalt or other overlay material and create a smoother road when you pave or grade. 

Contractors can realize significant savings and improve profitability by using 3D milling by controlling the precise cutting depth of the mill. With such control, contractors are less likely to overcut or need additional costly asphalt or concrete material during the re-paving process.

Also, by controlling the cutting depth, contractors can reduce the number of passes required by the mill, thus reducing the need for subsequent grading or milling work. This reduces the wear and tear on the milling machine and blade. Plus, by being more efficient during the first pass, the milling machine can be moved to the next site more quickly and used to its maximum profitability.

And when you use the GCS900 with other key Trimble machine control components on a milling machine, both new and existing users can realize higher and more rapid return on investment with the technology. An SPS Universal Total Station is great for high accuracy work as well as for operating in areas with limited or no GPS coverage, such as in tunnels, around trees or where material lifts are required to be monitored with very high accuracy. The on-machine sensor components are built Trimble tough, as is the rugged Trimble MT900 Machine Target. These can withstand the heavy vibration experienced when milling rock or concrete surfaces.


Product Information

Features & Benefits:

  • Less material usage during the next paving step significantly saves on costs
  • Waiting is eliminated for stakes to be set
  • More accurate and consistent milling to design specifications
  • Reduces wear and tear on the milling machine with fewer passes needed
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