The InsightHQ quarry management portal can be access from either your computer or a mobile device so you can better understand productivity, act immediately and see improvements during the shift. InsightHQ allows you to view in near real time productivity, availability and performance dashboards for loadout, processing and extraction. Such visibility can help you respond to issues, optimize productivity, availability and performance quickly.

With InsightHQ you can have access to live reports with totals for each customer, product and machine right at your fingertips and you can easily view changes over time by adjusting the report to the specific shift, day, week, month or year.

The Snapshot tool within InsightHQ is a powerful tool that allows you to connect with fresh data and react during the shift. You can customize InsightHQ with the machines most important to your quarry operation. Snapshot gives you with an overview of your LOADRITE™ scales and InsightHQ applications, providing you with a near real time view of equipment, material and product movement at a glance.

You can track efficiency and productivity of both mobile and fixed equipment, including data on your LOADRITE-equipped loader, excavator and belt scale with the Equipment Management feature.  The Equipment Management application is designed to help you optimize equipment performance and availability to help increase overall productivity and includes reports and interactive maps for loaders, conveyors and haul trucks.

With InsightHQ, you can easily understand production, with the ability to track it as it moves through your operation from pit to stockpile. You are also provided a running total at each phase of your operation. These product management data and report tools include reports to track material and product movement as well as manage product totals.

The Site tool within InsightHQ can be used to focus on comparing data across all three zones of your quarry (pit, processing and loadout) at multiple management levels (operator efficiency, machine utilization, product and material movement) for multiple sites.

All data related to your loadout zone (zone 3) is available in InsightHQ, under Loadout 360. This application connects your loader with the scale house so that loadout jobs data can be shared . This results in greater efficiency, improved visibility and higher product sales.

You can use InsightHQ as your single source of data for your “Connected Quarry” operation. You have the ability view and control you data with ease and even see a feed of raw data directly from your LOADRITE scale. InsightHQ can also sync data lists with your Loadrite scales, allowing you to maintain a single source for data control and to increase data integrity.  

You can share multi-level access with customers or staff without the need to install software, since you access InsightHQ from a web browser. It is compatible with any web browser so no software installations are required and there is no need to access permissions from the IT department. InsightHQ is secure, accurate and reliable. The data is unfiltered, password protected and encrypted with a 99 percent uptime rate.

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