As a high precision onboard loader scale, the L2150 offers you accuracy and reliability with basic data functions. The L2150 provides you with high level weighing accuracy regardless of lift speed and loader movement by using multiple-point triggering, speed compensation and dual pressure measurement.

Improve profits with the by eliminating the costs associated with double handling material. The L2150 ensures you load right the first time. Avoid overload fines by accurately weighing and ensuring trucks are loaded to the correct value. An over-target error alarm will sound if the bucket load will exceed the truck target.

The L2150 also allows you to track loads by material, customer, truck and Job ID with a one-touch scroll key feature. This simple setup allows you to configure the L2150 to best suit your operation using three data lists of up to 150 items. The L2150 allows you to monitor daily totals of ten individually named types of material.

Overall hauling efficiency is increased by ensuring that cycle times for truck loading are reduced by preventing truck turnarounds at the weighbridge. The L2150 can also be used to produce an operational record to be used to verify scale house tickets. Use the LOADRITE™ Printer to print these reports from the cab.

With the Auto Target data management function of the L2150, operators can select the truck currently being loaded and the L2150 will select the maximum load, automatically. The Target Loading operating mode helps eliminate mental arithmetic by counting down from the specified maximum load for that truck as well. With the L2150 you can even load truck and trailer combinations to their maximum capacity with the Split Loading operating mode. The recall/subtract function allows you to undo operator errors by removing the last added weight. An Auto Add feature allows each load to automatically be added to the total.

Load information can be captured for analysis within the LOADRITE MMS software. This data can be transferred in a variety of ways, including data module and radio modem.

You can begin monitoring efficiency and productivity of any front-end loader operation with the L2150’s data entry and logging features. The weighing technology provided by the L2150 includes Multipoint Weighing, Speed Compensation, Last Bucket Adjustment, Lift Quality Alerts and Multiple Attachment Support.

Multipoint Weighing allows you to weight while on the move so that the operator isn’t slowed down. With Speed Compensation, the system automatically calculates lift speed, and then compensates to ensure an accurate weight is produced. Get the exact truck weights with the tip-off Last Bucket Adjustment function, that trims the final bucket added to each truck. Lift Quality alerts produce an audible warning if loader bounce or speed fluctuations will affect the accuracy of weighing. Store individual calibrations for two different attachments with Multiple Attachment Support.

All LOADRITE products are designed to be tough and are subjected to a rigorous testing program that includes extreme temperatures (-130°F to 248°F) and all-axis random vibration over 40G. Plus, the L2150 comes with full operator training at the time of installation to ensure that you get the maximum benefit from your investment from the start.

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