The LOADRITE™ Force wheel loader scale is a simple, yet accurate, onboard weighing system that helps you gauge accurate loading. With the Force your operators can quickly and easily load trucks to their exact target weight with its no-frills interface. By using the Force wheel loader scale you can ensure trucks are correctly loaded before they get to the weighbridge, which allows you to avoid overload fines. The Force also allows you to cut down on congestion and reduce waiting time to increase overall customer satisfaction.

Built on proven & reliable hardware, the Force is a user-friendly, high performance wheel loader weighing system. Though it has fewer functions than some other LOADRITE scale, the Force is a fast and easy to use system. It offers the multi point weighing feature, which calculates weights throughout transit without slowing down the operator.

The Force is ideal for applications that require accuracy of loading but don’t require more advanced features. Load more vehicles per shift by weighing during the normal lift cycle. The Force can also help eliminate double handling of material as you will be loading trucks accurately, the first time. This can result in selling more product without adding equipment or personnel. You can also reduce haulage costs with the Force. By loading to the correct target weight the first time you can cut out unnecessary trips caused by under loading.

Like other LOADRITE wheel loader scales, the Force also features Last Bucket Adjustment technology. This allows you to achieve the exact truck weight using a tip-off function that trims the final bucket added to each truck. Speed compensation automatically calculates lift speed and compensates accordingly to ensure an accurate weight. Audible Lift Quality alert warnings let you know if the loader bounces or speed fluctuations will affect the accuracy of weighing.

The Force does allow you to print load information so that you can have a hard copy record for each load.

The Force has several operating modes. Target Loading eliminates mental arithmetic by counting own from the specified maximum load while Split Loading runs individual totals for loading truck and trailer units. An over-target error alarm sounds if the bucket load will exceed the truck target. The Recall function handles operator error by removing the last added weight. The Subtract function allows material removed from trucks while making correct adjustments to the total.

Full operator training is provided at the time of installation to ensure you get the maximum benefits of the Force from the start. The Force is built tough and is subjected to a rigorous testing program that includes temperature extremes (-130°F to 248°F) and all-axis random vibration over 40G.

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